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Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming an author? Today, John Deeks and Leon Della Bosca speak with Australian author Mark Brandi. Mark shares his journey from justice system to creative writing (including uni days with Leon) and tells how he became an author.

He has written three crime novels and provides a great synopsis in our podcast today.

His first novel, Wimmera, won the Debut Dagger (UK) and the Indie Book Award for debut fiction. Highly recommended by Leon, Wimmera highlights the power of boyhood friendship when tragedy occurs, with the impact reverberating across the years.

From outback Australia to inner city Melbourne, Mark’s second novel, The Rip, follows a young woman, Dani, who calls the street her home. Dani cares for her dog and has a friend, Anton, who looks out for her. Mark explains how even though they are homeless and have an addiction, they still have a life. It’s a novel with twists and turns, but great empathy.

Mark’s new novel, The Others, returns to the outback and the story, narrated by 11-year-old Jacob, is set on a remote, struggling farm. Jacob has only his father and sheep for company, and is compelled to venture beyond the farm to learn what his father is protecting him from. If you’re looking for a new crime novel, or interested in hearing about Mark’s writing process, then this is the podcast for you. For more information on Mark Brandi visit:

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