Podcast: Psychologist Peter Quarry on loneliness

Humans are social beings and for the most part we like one-on-one interaction. But in today’s busy world, social contact can be elusive.

Senior medical officers in several prosperous western countries have proclaimed that loneliness is a public health emergency. So on today’s podcast, psychologist Peter Quarry examines loneliness – its causes and effects.

Peter is a warm and engaging professional with years of experience, and his wisdom and insight is always first class. If you or a loved one are lonely or experiencing a sense of isolation, we hope today’s podcast provides you with helpful practical advice.

John Deeks
John Deekshttps://www.johndeeks.com.au/
Along with being the host of the YourLifeChoices podcast, John is a highly experienced, versatile and well regarded media professional. His talents are well recognised by leading media and event organisations.
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