Podcast: What is dignity therapy?

Loneliness, regret, fear and depression are all too common in today’s society, in fact, a recent survey has shown 10–15 per cent of older Australian adults experience anxiety or depression, but new research from Swinburne University has what they believe is a pathway  to alleviating mental suffering in the elderly.

Lead author Dr John Fallon says effective life review therapy or dignity therapy could help protect older adults from advancing to mental illness. So what is dignity therapy and how might it help inspire the lives of older adults

Click on today’s podcast as we join Dr John Fallon to explore this this exciting groundbreaking research and its findings.

Have you experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety before? Could dignity therapy work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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John Deeks
John Deekshttps://www.johndeeks.com.au/
Along with being the host of the YourLifeChoices podcast, John is a highly experienced, versatile and well regarded media professional. His talents are well recognised by leading media and event organisations.


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