Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 15

Official interest rates have dropped again and that’s not likely to be the end, the Reserve Bank has more than hinted. That’s why Deeksie and Janelle decided to chat with Bendigo Bank’s head of economics and market research for today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast. He explains the repercussions for retirees.

YourLifeChoices webmaster Drew knows a lot about tech – as you’d expect. Deeksie reveals that he has been having trouble remembering his dozen or so passwords so puts Drew under the griller to find a solution. Guess what? There is one.

Semi-retirement has opened up the world for YourLifeChoices friend Dairn. In the past two years it’s almost a case of ‘she’s been everywhere man’. Today she shares a journey that you might want to put on your bucket list – a cruise around Cape Horn in South America.

For more information on password managers, visit www.yourlifechoices.com.au.