Podcast: Small ships that take you to out-of-the-way places

Commercial cruising has only just restarted, but throughout the pandemic Coral Expeditions operated more than 105 domestic voyages and helped keep the Australian cruise industry above water.

Jeff Gillies, commercial director of Coral Expeditions, joins host John Deeks to reveal how Coral’s small ship capacities and health protocols afforded them greater flexibility – though not without its challenges. With travel information looking much more reliable, Mr Gillies announces some outstanding cruises, including to untouched beaches in north Queensland, the Kimberleys, Tasmania’s wilderness coast and Arnhem Land. Coral is not your average cruise line, but one that explores and discovers coastlines accessible only by sea.

Forget the normal entertainment and learn from a marine biologist. For more information, visit www.coralexpeditions.com.au.