How to add a little luxury to your lounge room

A lounge is often the main room inside your home where you spend a lot of your time relaxing and entertaining, so you want it looking its best and for it to appeal to all members of your family and guests alike.

We asked Victory Blinds interior design expert Stuart Clark for some tips on adding luxury to your lounge room, from swapping to sheer curtains to adding height and space with mirrors. 

1. Swap window fittings
Sheer curtains are a simple and accessible way to add a luxe feel to your lounge. Along with enhancing privacy, sheer curtains allow the light from the outside to flood softly and evenly into the room. Whether it’s a sleek and discreet design with neutral colours or fresh and bold patterns, with a range of lining options they are suitable for any season and ‘ooze’ sophistication.

2. Replace your fixtures
Replacing fixtures is the perfect way to add luxury to an existing piece of furniture without the expense of completely changing it.

Brass fittings are the perfect example of vintage meets modern and can be used for light fittings or door handles in the lounge.

Earthy tones can provide character to any room, whether that be through adding a small pop of warmth.   

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3. Mirrors
Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light around a room, which can give the illusion of space and height.

If you place a mirror opposite a window or glass door it will trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is. It will also bounce the natural light into all corners of the room to ensure no area is missed.

4. Choose colours wisely
Rich colours such as purple, darker greens and royal blues all exude a sense of drama and luxury and are perfect for the colder months.

Alternatively, neutrals are a classic foundation for those lighter months and bringing brown tones into the lounge can give the space depth and create a nice contrast that is not as harsh as using blacks.  

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5. Declutter
Less is always more when it comes to replicating luxury. Simple acts such as cleaning surfaces to make them shine and ensuring that everything is stored away to avoid clutter may not seem like big tasks but can make a real difference.

Use baskets and shelves to organise any mess. This will also make it easier for you to focus and have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

6. Add fragrance
Fresh flowers are a great way to add a subtle scent to your room without it being overwhelming.

Candles can help you rewind and also provide a welcoming ambiance. Honey and vanilla are perfect fragrances to use whilst relaxing but, if you are hosting guests, change to a more cheerful and lively fragrance such as passionfruit.

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7. Incorporate decorative details
Small decorative touches like vintage style books or contemporary art can add sophistication to your living space without being too loud and overbearing. Touches of high-end materials such as marble and granite are easy to maintain and they exuberate strength and elegance.

Why not share your own lounge and living room tips in the comments section below?

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