Storage hacks to double your wardrobe space

If you’re short on space at home, making the most of every inch is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to your wardrobe. Often, the smaller the closet, the harder it is to stay organised.

Luckily, some styling tools and space savers can transform your wardrobe from chaos into a calm, collected closet.

Use shelf dividers

If you’ve ever stored your jumpers and cardigans on the top shelf of your wardrobe, you know how quickly they can become wrinkled and crammed together. Shelf dividers are a great way to keep your clothes organised and looking neat. They slide on to the shelf and act as a barrier between stacks of clothing. You can use as many dividers as you need, and they can be placed however far apart you want. This is great if you’re dealing with pieces of clothing of different widths.

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Use floating space by adding levels

Don’t think everything must be at the same level. Add some floating shelves and drawers among the hanging clothes. This will help break up the space and allow you to fold items such as jeans and sweaters so they don’t take up space on hangers. Often, they can be attached using Velcro so they can be rearranged as necessary.

Incorporate extra furniture

Photo credit: Ikeahackers

Here’s a clever furniture hack that uses an IKEA bookshelf in or next to the closet for extra storage. Try using multiple bookcases (if you have the space) to store items such as bags, shoes and folded clothing.

Get creative with shoe storage

Don’t throw out those cardboard wine dividers just yet. Try inserting them into a basket or tub to keep your pairs of shoes together and easily visible. Alternatively, you could cut plastic bottles or tubs in half and use those.

Use a pegboard

A pegboard is a great way to organise your closet. Attach one to the inside of the wardrobe door and insert as many pegs as you need to hang jewellery, scarves and sunglasses.

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Label bins and baskets

Use bins and baskets to store seasonal items you’re not currently using. When the season changes, swap the items. Bins are also great for storing shoes, hats, bags and socks, pop a label on the front so you know exactly what’s stored inside.

Store tank tops and scarves on one hanger

Photo credit: The Budget Makeover

Instead of taking up multiple hangers for tank tops and scarves, clip plastic shower rings on a hanger to store them all in one place.

Put scarves through the rings or unclip, put the ring through tank top armholes and reclip. Place the hanger at the end of the closet rod with all your shirts. This will make it easy to grab whatever you need without having to search through a pile of clothes.

Add a second clothes rod

Don’t let the excess space under your hanging clothes go to waste, add a second clothes rod. Use a chain and some S-hooks to hang the second rod, which you can then adjust to the right height.

Pull tab hanger

You can use pull tabs to save space in your closet by hanging a second hanger on a tab. Just slip the tab around the hook of one hanger and then hang the second hanger from the tab. This way, you can fit more clothes in the same space.

Use the back of the door

When figuring out how to organise a small closet space, the backs of the doors are classic untapped real estate. To get the most out of this space, invest in the right organiser. Look for a sturdy piece that can hook over the door and easily house your go-to accessories.

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Store hats on the top shelf

If you have pretty summer hats that you don’t want to get creased and bent out of shape, invest in some hat stands and pop them right on the top shelf.

Try this decluttering trick

Here’s a little tip that will help you keep on top of items you wear and those you tend to skip over. Start with all your clothes hangers so the hooks are pointing the same way. Once you’ve worn and washed something, hang it up so the hook faces the other way. If you haven’t worn something in six months or one season, donate or recycle it.

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