Retirement Affordability Index June 2018

We’re living longer and as YourLifeChoices members are well aware, there’s good and not so good involved in that – extra years to enjoy, extra years to fund. The Government has visions of us working until 70 and is feeling the pressure of escalating health-care costs – as are you.

In this June edition of YourLifeChoices’ Retirement Affordability Index, The Longevity Issue, we explore the challenges – for government budgets, for support services, for your planning. The content is extensive – and revealing.

• We analyse the Federal Government policy to continue to push the Age Pension age out to 70 and ask thought leaders for their views on whether this policy is fair.
• ACOSS senior adviser Peter Davidson explains why affordable health and aged care is a critical component of a secure and dignified retirement.
• The Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff examines the health-care burden on retirees and how rising costs are hurting one retirement tribe in particular.
• Aged Care Steps director Louise Biti details why aged-care costs must be a critical part of your financial planning.
YourLifeChoices members Des, David, Catherine, Patricia and Cesar share their hopes and fears about living longer.
• We detail the components of the Government’s More Choices for a Longer Life package in Federal Budget 2018, with a particular focus on one – Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement (CIPR).
• Plus, we present the weekly, monthly and annual costs in key categories of expenditure across our six retirement tribes for the March quarter and a budget planner for you to keep track of your own household costs.
• And, finally, we review the latest government changes that may have a big effect on your retirement income.

So here it is, the June Retirement Affordability Index™ ready for you in ebook format and to download in PDF format. Or for a refresher on the best way to access it, follow Drew’s instructions.

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