Retirement Affordability Index May 2022

Sage advice says that if you get the basics right, the rest will follow. Apply that to your retirement and you’re likely to be streets ahead of the field. This issue of the Retirement Affordability Index is your one-stop shop for those all-important retirement basics. Whether you’re in retirement or thinking about it, our experts can help.

SuperRatings analyst Camille Schmidt offers a crash course on superannuation – the phases, the fund options, the fees you should and shouldn’t be paying, what’s set to change on 1 July. Challenger’s chairman of retirement income Jeremy Cooper explains why too many retirees are disregarding valuable income and helping out the tax man instead.

When it comes to the Age Pension, there’s a lot to know – and the reality is it can be complicated. Pension expert James Coyle shares five ways you can increase your retirement income by properly understanding the pension and your eligibility.

No retirement guide would be complete without the assistance of expert Noel Whittaker. From try before you buy to how to unlock the funds in your house, he guides you down the road to your most comfortable retirement. And money maven Di Johnson says that if you’re likely to retire with a mortgage, you should ask yourself these four key questions.

YourLifeChoices editor Janelle Ward, meanwhile, asks if the Retirement Affordability Guide is the country’s best-kept secret? She explains how the March quarter CPI figures are used to estimate living costs for six different retiree cohorts so you can best understand how much you need to retire. We also tell who inflation hit hardest in March and provide a handy budget planner.

Finally, our government updates keep you informed about changes to Age Pension payments, super rules, the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, the downsizing contribution plus other pivotal retirement strategies.


There’s a lot to digest, so make an extra cuppa, settle back and read on at your own pace. Download in PDF format.

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YourLifeChoices Writers
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