Retirement Affordability Index June 2017

As promised, the quarterly YourLifeChoices Retirement Affordability Index™ is back, reporting the latest insights into what retirement living really costs.

In our June-quarter issue of the Retirement Affordability Index™, YourLifeChoices has again partnered with think tank The Australia Institute to cut through the hype that assumes all retired households are the same.

Following the release of the latest CPI data, we have calculated the weekly, monthly and annual expenditure for each of YourLifeChoices’ six ‘Retirement Tribes’.

The Retirement Affordability Index™ June 2017 will help you identify which of the six Retirement Tribes you belong to so you can compare your spending with similar households.

The June 2017 issue also includes current and contemplated Federal Budget changes to superannuation rules and Age Pension eligibility, among other factors which may affect your retirement savings.

To help you make even more sense of how you may be affected, we are joined by financial planning, economic and retirement experts, who have distilled the key considerations to keep in mind.

So here it is, the June-quarter Retirement Affordability Index™ ready for you to download in PDF format

YourLifeChoices Writers
YourLifeChoices Writers
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