Boost your income from home

In this article, you’ll learn about three simple ways you could add up to $600 of ‘breathing room’ to your weekly budget. These are simple business ideas that can be started from home this week, have low-set up costs and are great if you are a ‘technophobe’ (who doesn’t have a lot of time or energy).

But they are also powerful money-makers, capable of adding several hundred dollars to your bank account week-in-week-out – from home.

That’s guilt-free cash you can use to fit out your lounge room with the newest state-of-the-art surround sound system, dash out to Bali for a week of relaxation and sun or catch every new release movie – in Gold Class.

Imagine the feeling of peeling a fresh fifty from your wallet to pay for a round of beers, ‘splurging’ on fancy dinners with friends or taking care of your grandchildren’s new school shoes – 100 per cent guilt free, knowing there’s plenty more where that came from.

So what are these ideas and which would one is the best fit for your lifestyle? Well, let’s get into it, courtesy of our friends at

Home Business #1 – Be a dog drop off zone

Aussies love their dogs. But folk need to work. Most people leave their pooch to its own devices while they go to the office. They come home to find the mutt has shredded their furniture and barked itself hoarse with separation anxiety. This is where you come in.

If you have a big enough garden, you could build a large secure run/pen/kennel from wood and chicken wire. Set out some dog chew-toys, water and food for them, keep them company and take them for walks (in small groups) if you’re feeling brave.

It’s up to you how many pooches you’re able to look after. You could certainly charge $25 per day per dog – which is $125 per week. Five dogs gives you $625 a week. You could probably charge more if you offer to collect the dogs and drop them home afterwards. And more again if you supply food for the little perishers.

Make sure dogs come to you with a clean bill of health from the vet and check your insurance obligations.

Home Business #2 –Be a mobile billboard

This is one of the laziest, easiest ways to earn a passive income – but it involves you turning your car into a travelling advertising hoarding.

Basically, companies will pay you up to $6000 a year to drive around with their logo, slogan or latest advertising ‘creative’ stuck on your car.

You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary – just use your car as normal.

It can be any kind of business and they might want to use the sides, roof, bonnet and/or boot to promote their product.

Companies see car advertising as another way to get their message/brand/latest offer in front of people. If you’re happy to have your car swathed in ads for Hungry Jacks or similar, then it can certainly bring in the cash.

Here is a website to have a look at for more details. Bear in mind BizOppDetective has no affiliation with this company, and no responsibility for its website content:

Home Business #3 –Make family trees for people

Since the SBS show, Who Do You Think You Are?, hit our screens, 10 of thousands of Aussies have become interested in delving into their family history to see if they’re related to royalty (or criminality).

The thing is, while most people would love to see the end result, not everyone has the time to do all the research.

But you could take care of it all for them – for a fee, of course.

Interview your client and get as much family history as you can. You can send a simple form via email or arrange a phone interview. Then you’re off and running.

Most of the ancestry records you need to access are online these days, but if you want to stay off the computer, you could head down to your local library or town hall and get started there.

A good starting point is the free website,

You can also try the National Archives of Australia website

And you can download free family tree creation software at

Alternatively, a custom, hand-drawn and framed, family tree poster is a unique way to stand out from the competition. You could hire a calligrapher to fill in the various ‘limbs’ of the tree.

You could easily charge a client $600 for a full family tree – and uncovering people’s dirty laundry can be fun.

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Queensland fruit and veg ‘baron’ makes $1752 in first sevendays of business

Now, he wants to share with you the exact methods he’s using to pocket $625 of extra ‘play’ money week-in-week out.

It doesn’t look like any business you’ve ever seen.

But if you’ve got three to four spare hours a week and you’re sick of just ‘scraping’ by, this might be a way to get the A-class retirement of which you’ve always dreamed.

Tickets to Noosa, dinner out three-times-a-week and the cash to live a luxurious retirement on your terms – your way.

Ready to upgrade your retirement? Get the details here.

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