Can you fund your retirement?

You need a lump sum of $640,000* to fund a comfortable retirement. 

It’s not as daunting as it sounds. You can change your future today.

Retirement is a unique experience. It means different things to different people. Likewise, preparing for, transitioning to and enjoying retirement is an individual journey. No matter what stage you’re at, you need someone to either walk beside you or be available for you as you build a plan that will give you and your family the lifestyle you want in retirement. 

It’s time to retire strong. Here’s how: stop procrastinating and create a plan of action that you can easily implement. 

Build a robust portfolio: to build a decent lump sum you need a wide choice of investments to suit your needs and access to the world’s best investment managers. MLC can help. 

Consolidate and top up your super: simple changes to your super can make a big difference. MLC can help you find your lost super, consolidate your savings and help you find ways to contribute a little bit extra to help you top up your super account. 

Create and protect your income stream: make sure you don’t outlive your income. MLC has ways for you to protect your capital and safeguard your income over 10 years, 20 years or for life+. 

Manage your risks: inflation, living longer, spending too much, market timing and poor planning can all threaten your retirement wealth. MLC can work with you on a plan to manage these risks. 

Protect your future: it’s important that you insure one of your most valuable assets — your income. Protect your income with help from MLC.

Find out how you can save your retirement here.

Important information


* ASFA, ASFA Retirement Standard, September 2015

+ MLC MasterKey Investment Protection is only available to MLC MasterKey Super or Pension Fundamentals

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