Age Pension

Is a March increase in the Age Pension doomed?

How the numbers are shaping for the next indexation and what economist Matt Grudnoff forecasts.

Age Pension

Does the money from selling your home affect the pension?

Andrew is planning to sell his home but is worried the proceeds will stop his pension.

Age Pension

When are the Centrelink closure and reporting dates this summer?

Centrelink reporting and payment dates for the Christmas and New Year period.

Age Pension essentials

Why our Age Pension costs are among the lowest in the OECD

Deborah Ralston, a participant in the government's Retirement Income Review, examines the role of the home in the retirement income equation.

Age Pension

Is there still a Centrelink payment for those recently widowed?

Denice’s husband doesn’t have long to live and she is worried about her finances.

Centrelink – Services Australia

What amount of savings can a pensioner have in the bank?

What amount of savings can a pensioner have in the bank? Learn about having savings, cut-off limits, deeming rules and their effect on the Age Pension.

Centrelink News

End of year help for age pensioners

Hank Jongen tells how Services Australia plans to support older Aussies through summer.


Reports 'demonic' robo-debt algorithms are now targeting pensioners

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has called on the government to protect pensioners from Centrelink's latest 'robo-monster'.

Banking & Investment

The 60 per cent sweetener with annuities and your pension

Many people are unaware that the ways annuities are assessed changed last year. We explain how it works.

Centrelink News

Centrelink staff not ‘productive for customers’, report finds

Survey of Services Australia staff finds deep dissatisfaction with performance targets.

Banking & Investment

The way forward in this low interest rate environment

Noel Whittaker says switching banks regularly for an extra 0.5 per cent is a mug’s game, and explains what we should be doing.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Q&A: Can I upsize so I can claim the Age Pension?

Judy wants to sell her home and investment property to become eligible for the pension. Is this a legitimate tactic.

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