Seven things you should never wear when you travel

We all like to look our best when we travel, but our idea of a nice outfit may not align with the standards of the places you visit.


Convertible travel clothing

These convertible travel clothes will reduce space and maximise efficiency when you need it most.


Stylewatch: The power of the leopard print

There’s nothing quite like a good animal print, and the leopard is truly a timeless classic, says stylist Peta Rooney.


Brace yourself, we’re finally getting an online Zara store

It’s hard not to love Zara. Popular among celebrities and mere mortals alike, the fashion giant is finally launching an online store for Australia.


How to dress up jeans

Casual by nature, looking smart in jeans requires a bit of effort and consideration. Here are six easy ways to dress them up and leave the house looking polished.


Over 40s fashion style to steal

The great thing about these fashion influencers who are over the age of 40 is that they know their style and own it. Here are five fashion bloggers over 40 with style worth stealing.


How do you iron a cotton shirt without lifting an iron?

You're standing at the ironing board ironing your fifth shirt of the day, and you think to yourself, "if only there was a way to iron without actually having to iron." Well, there is.


How to look good in the rain

With winter around the corner and wild weather all over Australia recently, it feels timely to consider how to look good in wild weather.


How to de-crease clothes without an iron

I feel about ironing the way I feel about cleaning my bathroom – I’d rather someone else do it. Which is why I know these five tricks to de-crease clothes without going near the 'I' word.


Your style guide to 2017

Now that March has arrived, here are SJ's top fashion trends for you to follow in autumn/winter 2017.


Don’t let this summer stink

It may not be glamorous, but with summer on the way we thought it timely to talk about how best to avoid sweaty shoes and clothes for a sweet smelling season.


The secret to folding a suit jacket when packing

Forget the garment bag the next time you travel. This 100-year-old secret to folding a suit jacket without wrinkles is so ingenious, you’ll wonder how it’s not common knowledge.

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