Six hairstyle mistakes we’ve all probably made

It's too easy to experiment with hairstyles when you're bored with your appearance. Here are six styles we probably should have skipped.


Five ways to totally transform your basic white shirt

Your lifestyle might be changing during these challenging times, but a standard white shirt is a wardrobe must and it’s so easy to transform.


Style icons who defined the fashion of a decade

From Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s to Kim Kardashian in the 2010s, these are the women whose style summed up an era.


Andie McDowell proves age is no barrier to style

At 61, Andie knows how to dress it up – and down – and shows orange can be for everyone.


Memorable royal wedding dresses through the ages

Let’s face it – the gowns are often the star of the show. We look through the archives to find some of the best royal wedding dresses in history.


The art of getting more from your wardrobe

Beauty and fashion queen Rebecca O’Hearn tells how to get the most out of a tired wardrobe.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Over-50s style tips

A slightly nervous John chats with fashion and beauty guru Rebecca O’Hearn – celebrity stylist and editor of Rebecca's focus is on helping over-50s find their style – if they haven’t already – or hone it if they have.


The scandalous history of the bikini

Prudence Wade takes a look back at the beginnings of the two-piece swimsuit and how it made its way into the mainstream.


Dame Judi proves the power of the scarf

Layering can lift many outfits from dull to dreamy. Dame Judi Dench has the task down pat.


Seven style lessons we’ve learnt from Mick Jagger

We look back on Mick Jagger’s most iconic style moments.


Nine of the worst style mistakes you probably made in the ’80s

Spandex, shoulder pads and shell suits, were you guilty of any of these fashion mistakes?


Dress sense becomes a meaty issue

Age carries many responsibilities, but is dressing ‘appropriately’ one of them? Kaye Fallick has a firm view on the advice her mother used to give her.

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