Make dog ownership more affordable

Why is it so expensive to have a dog, and what, if anything, can help keep costs down?


How to re-oil wooden kitchen worktops

How to tell if wooden worksurfaces need some TLC, and a three-step guide to re-oiling.


Simple tips for reducing your food waste at home

Make the most of the food in your fridge by following these easy tips to reduce food waste.


How to make scars less visible

The ointments, extracts and procedures that can help reduce the appearance of scars.


The beginners guide to cast iron care

Intimidated by cast iron? It's probably easier to care for than you think.

Health news

How to become an early riser and why you should

Trouble sticking to your alarm? Here's how to reprogram yourself to be an early riser.


How to care for winter skin

Pharmacist Shoshana Eisner shares her top 10 tips for caring for dry, sensitive skin during winter. Moisturising, exfoliating, using a humidifier and keeping the heater turned low are just a few.


Lifestyle factors that influence bone health

How diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors can affect your bone mass and strength.


How to clean your UGG boots

A guide to keeping UGG boots and slippers looking new.


Six tips to look better in photos

Whether you love or loathe the camera, photos are one of the few ways that we can capture a moment in time. These simple tips will ensure your best possible picture is preserved.


Planning some home improvements? Expert tips for spending wisely

Ready to start that big home improvement project you've been thinking about? You're going to want to read this first.


How to make your feet feel and look their best

Even small issues such as dry skin, not drying your toes correctly or cutting them the wrong way can cause pain or discomfort in your feet. Are you caring for them the right way?

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