Finance News

Aussies hoarding $4200 in unwanted goods: report

Australia is a nation of hoarders with up to $4200 worth of unwanted goods sitting at home collecting dust, according to a new report.


Why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows?

Dogs can’t wait to stick their head out of moving cars, but what is the science behind this reaction?


The world’s happiest countries are sure to surprise you

Nordic countries dominate list of the world’s happiest countries, while Australia only just scrapes into the top 10.

Health news

Sex is the next step but Janette is ashamed of her body

Janette is ashamed of her body because of multiple surgeries. But she is in a relationship and wants to take the next step. Dr Emmanuella Murray explains how to get past body-shaming and into bed.

Health news

There are things you can do to lessen your sorrow

Doctors believe grief can weaken the immune system, making people prone to infections such as colds or shingles.

Health News

Are you wasting your money on probiotics?

Taking probiotics, the so-called good gut bacteria, in conjunction with antibiotics can have 'long-term consequences', a study has revealed.


The cool brain trick that will help you make better decisions

Do you have trouble making everyday decisions when confronted with too many options? Try this trick and the right decision should become clear.


The surprising stats on Australia’s alcohol consumption

The amount of alcohol drunk by Australians in the past financial year fell to the lowest level since the 1960s.

Mental Health

Study reveals why sex leaves men feeling traumatised

It is a little known fact that for many men, rather than experiencing raised spirits, a romp in the bedsheets leaves them empty and despairing.


‘I fear my daughter is in an abusive relationship’

Henrietta has noticed a marked change in her daughter’s manner when her partner is present and fears she is in an abusive relationship. She asked psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray for guidance.

Finance News

The top 10 places to retire outside of the city

Canstar has curated a list of 10 popular retirement havens, based on house price and proximity to essential services needed by most older people.


Why are static shocks so much worse in winter?

Have you ever reached out to touch something and received a little electric shock? Have you ever wondered why static shocks are worse in winter? What causes this to happen?

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