1950s-style marriages: all the ‘rage’

1950s style marriages – or marriages where the husband comes first – are seemingly back in vogue. Or not. Is the movement an attempt to return to better times (for whom? you ask) or an example of feminism actually working?


How to tell hubby he’s a bore – nicely

Nobody enjoys a ‘difficult conversation’, but YourLifeChoices member Narelle needs to have one with her husband. Clinical psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray tells how she should proceed.


Is partner’s missing ‘spark’ just part of getting old?

Cindy says the ‘spark’ has gone out in her partner and asks if that’s just part of getting old. Dr Emmanuella has some surprising suggestions.


Mother’s Day for Beryl and Joan

Awaiting a family ‘invasion’ – like any other couple.


Study finds you may have no control over marital happiness

People fall in love for many reasons, but if they marry and stay together, their long-term happiness may depend on their individual genes or those of their spouse.


Can couple restore the trust after husband’s affair?

Vickie is shattered to discover her husband has had an affair. She asks Dr Emmanuella for help in deciding whether to work through the hurt or leave him.


The Australian state where your marriage is most likely to fail

Australia’s divorce rate climbed five per cent according to the latest figures realised by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.


Is love enough to quell fears about the age gap?

Margaret is reluctant to marry the man she loves because of the age gap. She asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray for advice.


Life not turning out as you expected? Make a Plan B

Faced with a struggling marriage, a Plan B gave this woman the confidence to work through her problems.


Three signs that money problems will break your heart

Arguing about money is one of the top reasons couples contemplate separating. Sometimes the resentment can fester for years until it is so unbearable it overrides the love you once felt.


I love him but sometimes I’m scared of being around him when he loses it.

In general, Maria has a happy marriage, but every now and then, her husband can be a little scary. Today, YourLifeChoices’ relationship expert and clinical psychologist, Jo Lamble, offers Maria advice on how to handle her situation.


Is the fear of being alone enough reason to give my marriage another go?

Joe’s second marriage may be on the rocks, but the thought of being alone and losing his new family terrifies him. Is the fear of being alone enough reason to give his marriage another go?

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