Podcast: Should you be shopping around for a new home loan?

In our podcast this week, John Deeks speaks with Matt Gatt, general manager of home loans at Compare Club. Learn how you can save thousands of dollars by refinancing your home mortgage.


Podcast: Discover the downsizing alternative

Household Capital retirement specialist Esther Angrisano explains how you can remain in your family home and enjoy your retirement.


Podcast: Issues affecting older Aussies and benefits to know about

In our podcast this week, host John Deeks speaks with National Seniors chief advocate Ian Henschke about the key issues facing older Australians and how you can make positive changes.


Podcast: Personal finance expert Noel Whittaker talks super

John Deeks speaks to personal finance guru Noel Whittaker about superannuation.


Podcast: Meet Mark Brandi, bestselling Australian author

Podcast: John Deeks and Leon Della Bosca speak to Mark Brandi about his creative writing journey and his three bestselling novels.


Podcast: One in four homeowners are planning to downsize. Find out why

In our podcast this week John Deeks speaks to Downsizing editor, Mark Skelsey and learns why more people are deciding to downsize and how you can get started.


Podcast: Travel refund policies. How to book with confidence?

Podcast: John Deeks and Leon Della Bosca speak to Adam Glezer, an advocate on travel industry issues post COVID. Hear the issues and how you can book future travel with confidence.


Podcast: How to be the best grandparent

Podcast: John Deeks and Dr Jane Williams discuss the key influences on healthy development in the first five years of your grandchild's life.


Podcast: Move it or lose it

Host John Deeks speaks with fitness guru Rhonda Collins about exercise and ageing.


Podcast: Navigating your way through cancer

John Deeks speaks with Dr Toni Lindsay about cancer and, more specifically, the anxieties and psychological symptoms patients and carers are likely to experience.


Podcast: How to get a good job over 50

John Deeks and Rupert French, discuss the benefits of being an older worker and the steps to snare that dream job.


Podcast: How homeowner retirees can boost their lifestyle

Household Capital CEO Josh Funder explains how homeowner retirees really can have it all.

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