Podcast: How to get a good job over 50

John Deeks and Rupert French, discuss the benefits of being an older worker and the steps to snare that dream job.


Podcast: How homeowner retirees can boost their lifestyle

Household Capital CEO Josh Funder explains how homeowner retirees really can have it all.


Podcast: All you need to know about Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Host John Deeks speaks with Waveny Holland, a Chinese medicine and acupuncture specialist.


Podcast: Noni Hazlehurst speaks about her new movie

Noni Hazlehurst chats with one of her biggest fans, John Deeks, about life and her new movie, June Again.


Podcast: Samuel Johnson speaks about life and staying positive

John Deeks speaks to Samuel Johnson about life and why a positive outlook is important.


Podcast: Want to save some household expenses? Join the club

John Deeks speaks with Rich McPharlin from Compare Club about the benefits of joining the ‘club’


Podcast: Put your feet first with leading Melbourne podiatrist

John Deeks speaks with his podiatrist, Matthew Fieldsend through his podiatry appointment – what could go wrong?


Podcast: Buy Australian and see Australia

How to buy genuine Australian products and support Aussie travel destinations.


YourLifeChoices Older Australians Wellbeing Index defies common perceptions

Publisher, Leon Della Bosca joins John Deeks to discuss the encouraging results from the YourLifeChoices Older Australians Wellbeing Index 2020/21.


Important life choices are planned, not left to chance

Dr Steve Hambelton joins host John Deeks on National Advance Care Planning week to discuss this difficult but essential topic of Advanced Care Planning.


Other ‘-isms’ are banned, why do we tolerate ageism?

Host John Deeks and YourLifeChoices publisher Leon Della Bosca speak with Fiona Jewell, diversity and inclusion specialist, about ageism and prejudices in our society. Are…


Can you imagine a world without ageism?

Ashton Applewhite joins John and Leon to talk about a world without ageism.

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