Podcast: Over-50s campaigner Louise Di Francesco on ageism and discrimination

ageism is on the rise

Here’s a statistic that may surprise some: around one in three Australians over 55 say they have experienced discrimination because of their age.

A recent SBS program, Insight, featured a fascinating line-up of guests to talk about ageism – including Louise Di Francesco. The award-winning journalist and corporate communications guru joins us today to share an inside view of the widespread and insidious nature of ageism.

“Looking for work over 50 is a deeply disturbing experience”, she says, and takes us through her career highlights (and lowlights).

As Louise says on her website, www.overfiftystillfabulous.com.au: “Women over 50 have it all – experience, sass and energy.” Men are welcome, she adds.

Have you ever experienced age-based discrimination at work? Have you found it difficult to find employment after turning 50? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Written by John Deeks

Along with being the host of the YourLifeChoices podcast, John is a highly experienced, versatile and well regarded media professional. His talents are well recognised by leading media and event organisations.

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  1. Thirty years ago I lost a big job in a board battle. I was 52 yo and applied for over 200 jobs over six months and did not even get one interview. I have a proven record in Senior Management, but was obviously too old. Since then nothing has changed. Older people just fade away. I started a group for unemployed mature aged people and got some funding from the Fed, Govt, but that soon stopped. Our group did find many jobs for members but without money it’s not possible.I am convinced that the only way employers will take older staff is by a system of affirmative action as we had for women in the 1980″s. As a group if older people were like the trans and LBQTI groups and marched with placards, they might get a hearing, but that’s not our style. Recruiters are also to blame as they always overlook older applicants.

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