Finance News

Revealed: Who saves, who spends and how to join the savers

Whether you're a spender or a saver, these expert tips can help you give your finances a makeover.


Money-saving tips minimalists swear by

Minimalism could not only change your outlook on life but also help you keep more money in your pocket.

Finance News

Federal Energy Minister announces major energy bill overhaul

New draft guidelines announced by the Australian Energy Market Commission aim to make energy bills more user-friendly and provide increased protection for consumers.

Health Insurance

How the wrong extras coverage could be costing you

Are you throwing away money on the wrong health insurance extras policy for your needs? Here’s a simple way to find out and potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Retirement Income

Angry retirees send thousands of letters to Reserve Bank boss

Enough is enough, say retirees, who have swamped the RBA boss with thousands of letters and emails expressing their concerns about the cash rate staying so low for so long.


Why the RBA is urging homeowners to take advantage of low interest rat

The RBA has cut the interest rate to a record low, but some banks are not passing it on to mortgage holders. Here's how to find a better deal on your home loan.

Finance News

Cut more than $200 off your energy bills

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many Australians have spent more time at home. That means we’re using more and more electricity. The result is many…


Energy rates are falling. Here’s why your bill isn’t getting smaller

After traditionally paying among the highest energy rates in the world, Australian households are finally in for some relief as electricity prices begin to fall. But not all energy providers are passing on the rate cuts, so it’s on you to get a good deal.

Finance News

Coles’ big haul outshone by meat-free and plant-based performance

Aussie shoppers have voted on their picks for the best products of 2020, and it seems plant-based and vegetarian choices are making big waves in this year’s awards.

Banking & Investment

Two strategies to avoid zero-interest rate pain

Retirees stung by ultra-low interest rates may soon be in for more pain, should the Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates further as it is tipped to do on Melbourne Cup day in November.

Finance News

Woolworths Metro cashless trial to expand in coming weeks

More Woolworths stores across Melbourne and Sydney will no longer be accepting cash as the supermarket giant expands its trial of cashless Metro stores.

Finance News

How much more will you pay for health insurance?

Health insurance premiums are set to increase on 1 October. How much more will you pay for private cover? This private health insurance rate rise calculator can help you find out.

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