Moving to the rhythm of a well-remembered beat

YourLifeChoices member Susan Wilson had just listened to a radio program about changing perceptions of sex and ageing. She decided it was time to be brave and share an experience.


How important is sex to older Australians?

YourLifeChoices’ Friday Flash Poll: Setting the record straight about sex and ageing gave us a fascinating insight into how important sex and attraction is to older Australians.

Health & Ageing

Friday Flash Poll: Setting the record straight about sex and ageing

Do you still find people your age ‘hot’? Is sex still important to you? Why not set the record straight in today’s Friday Flash Poll?


Philandering women have science stumped

The infidelity gap is closing, according to social behaviour researchers who say women are straying from monogamous relationships in similar numbers to men.


The most common sex injuries and how to treat them

While sex is super fun and, when done right, quite ‘rewarding’, it’s also an acrobatic act that puts strain on your body and can lead to injuries. Here are the most common sex ‘accidents’ and how to treat them.


Donna-Lee’s plea for ‘prep’ before sex isn’t being heard

Sex is great … until it’s not. Donna-Lee has a problem, though it’s not with sex but with foreplay. She asks clinical psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray for help.


Nine spoonfuls of olive oil a week reduces impotence

A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but did you know that a spoonful of olive oil a day may help something else go up?


Can orgasms actually help you live longer?

Aside from being pleasurable, orgasms have wide-reaching health benefits, but can they actually make you live longer? According to some studies, yes.

Health news

Sex is the next step but Janette is ashamed of her body

Janette is ashamed of her body because of multiple surgeries. But she is in a relationship and wants to take the next step. Dr Emmanuella Murray explains how to get past body-shaming and into bed.

Mental Health

Study reveals why sex leaves men feeling traumatised

It is a little known fact that for many men, rather than experiencing raised spirits, a romp in the bedsheets leaves them empty and despairing.


Coffee can get you up in the morning … in more ways that one

As if you needed another reason to enjoy your morning coffee, here are a few that might just heat things up a little later …


Four foods to eat for better sex

A health tracking app discovers what people like to eat before and after sex.

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