200 million accounts compromised

A hacker is claiming to have stolen the login information of 200 million Yahoo accounts and is selling them online for US$1824 on a well-known black market website. The database of user information is believed to be from 2012, the same year another 450,000 Yahoo accounts were compromised.

Yahoo has acknowledged the hacking claim and released a statement saying its “security team is working to determine the facts”. The alleged hacker is the same person behind last month’s release of 425 million Myspace and Tumblr accounts, adding a level of credibility to the claims.

A sample of the released data includes the email address, password, backup email address and date of birth of all users.

It would be wise for anyone with a current Yahoo account, or who has previously held a Yahoo account, to immediately reset their account password. Furthermore, if you included a backup email address, you should also update the password of that account.

With the number of recent hacking cases, do you feel that your personal information is still safe online?

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Drew Patchell
Drew Patchell
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