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With these free apps you can turn the scraps in your pantry and fridge into a meal and use this online dating app to find the perfect match… for your dog.


Popular mobile app Tinder has taken off by making online dating accessible and fun, and this new app has taken that same idea one step further (and more fun) by including dogs. Rather than looking for a match for yourself, you can look for a match for your dog (although the app does still support matchmaking for dog owners). Using the app is simple, you take a photo of your dog and you can then view details of other nearby dogs, and give them a heart or a cross. If your dog makes a match, a chat window opens up so you can talk to the other owner, and if things go well, maybe head to a local park and let your pooches play!

What do you think, will this take off or is it just a fun idea?

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 


Okay, it’s not technically an app, but the Supercook website has the popular functions of similar apps available – without the price. It’s also optimised for mobile so it’ll be easy to use on any smartphone or tablet. Supercook allows you to enter all the ingredients you have to hand. It will then crunch the data and look for recipes that use those ingredients. You can also choose to exclude ingredients if you have dietary restrictions or allergies.

Head over to and you’ll be met with a list of random ingredients, select the ones you have by selecting them on the screen, then tap the refresh icon to get a new list. You can also add specific ingredients by using the search function. You can highlight an ingredient by tapping it and recipes using that ingredient will be prioritised. Tap the three lines at the top right of the screen to swap over to the recipe panel and see what you can whip up with what you have on hand!

Supercook is available on any device with web access.

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