App of the month February 2016

Do you keep track of your moles and lesions? How about your daily sugar intake? Making sure you stay healthy has never been easier with these apps of the month.


With this app, you can take photos of your moles and keep a visual archive of each one. Monitoring them to see if they have changed over time allows you to more accurately assess whether or not they pose a risk by showing signs of skin cancer.

In addition to this feature, upon downloading the app, you will receive one free month’s subscription to the app’s online analysis tool. This means you can take a photo of a mole and the app will analyse it for you to determine if it is a risk.

At the moment Skinvision only tests for melanoma skin cancer, but the developers aim to add support for other types of skin cancer in the future.

While there is no replacement for a trained doctor or dermatologist for determining the risk of moles and lesions, Skinvision claims it is 80 per cent accurate in tests for detecting signs of melanoma.

Skinvision also gives you a personalised UV index based on your location.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

That Sugar App

Cutting your sugar intake is hard work, so why not give this app a go to make things a little easier?

That Sugar App allows you to keep track of how much sugar you consume each day. While calorie counters aren’t anything new, this app comes in ahead of the competition with a clean and stylish interface, as well as a handy barcode-scanning feature.

This feature allows you to scan the barcode of food or drink products to instantly identify them and how much sugar they contain. Then you can simply enter how many servings you consumed and the sugar will be logged in your day’s total.

The amount of sugar you have eaten each day is shown as a pile of sugar cubes, which increases with every teaspoon you consume. While not every product is recognised by the app, almost everything I scanned was.

If an item isn’t recognised, you can save the item to the app, making it easier to document in the future.

If you want to challenge yourself and cut down on sugar, you can set custom goals with the app to lower your sugar intake. You can also set meal reminders to keep regular meal times.

Do you already use a calorie counter? Does That Sugar App sound like it’s worth a shot?

Available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.



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