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Use your smartphone to monitor your sleeping patterns to learn how you can have a better nights’ sleep and never forget to take a tablet again with the app of the month.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is a lot more complicated than most people think, and despite the best efforts of scientists, sleep is still not understood. Using this app, you can take advantage of what we already know and use it to wake up feeling better, as well as learn why you sleep better some nights.

To use Sleep cycle, you place your smartphone on the edge of your bed. The device then monitors your movements to determine how deeply you are sleeping and then plots the data on a graph. When it comes to morning, Sleep Cycle will wait until you are in a light sleep to wake you – this way you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and alert, rather than drowsy and grumpy.

You can look at your sleep history to find out on which days you sleep better, as well as tag your nights with activities from the day. For example if you (or your partner) believes that drinking tea or watching TV before bed makes you sleep poorly, you can find out for sure with this app.

Available for $2.49 on iPhone and iPad, and for $2.00 on Android.


We all forget to do things, and whilst forgetting things doesn’t always lead to disaster, not taking medicines can. Medisafe is a simple to use app that will remind you which medicine to take and when. It is easy to use and intuitive, but what really sets it apart from other apps is its ability to notify family members or caregivers if a person forgets to take their medicine. This setting is optional, so you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to, but it can be handy if one of your family members suffers from a condition that impacts their memory – here, it can be a lifesaver.

Available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.



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