Apple to stop Facebook tracking

With the next version of its operating systems, Apple will attempt to block tools used by Facebook to automatically track web users.

At the company’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference in early June, Apple’s top executives announced that plans were afoot to give users more privacy.

Apple’s software boss Craig Federighi told the conference that the iPhone’s web browser would ask permission before allowing Facebook to monitor their activity.

Mr Federighi told the conference that Facebook keeps watch over people in so many hidden ways.

“We’ve all seen these – these ‘like’ buttons, and ‘share’ buttons and these comment fields,” he said. “Well, it turns out these can be used to track you, whether you click them or not.

“You can decide to keep your information private.”

Apple also has plans to combat a technique called ‘fingerprinting’, where advertisers try to track users who delete their cookies.

The method involves identifying computers by the fonts and plug-ins installed among other configuration details.

To counter this, Apple will present web pages with less detail about the computer.

“As a result, your Mac will look more like everyone else’s Mac, and it will be dramatically more difficult for data companies to uniquely identify your device,” Mr Federighi explained.

Another major addition announced for iOS 12 was Time Limit, which will allow users to pre-determine how much time they should spend using individual apps and to bring up a full-screen alert when an allowance is used up.

Are you worried about Facebook tracking you online? Would you welcome other phone manufacturers following suit?



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Ben Hocking
Ben Hocking
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