Apple upgrade crawling with bugs

If you haven’t yet downloaded Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11, then you may have dodged a bullet.

The beta version of this software was released in September and, predictably, it had quite a few glitches. Part and parcel of any major software revision is that there will be teething problems.

Experts advise that you should wait until these glitches are corrected before upgrading, in order to avoid the type of frustrating disruption that comes when you force a new regime onto your phone or PC.

A number of reviews have labelled the latest beta software (iOS 11.2) worse than all its predecessors in terms of the variety of ways it can interfere with your devices.

Impatient Apple device users have found that after the upgrade their screens tended to freeze, they had difficulty hearing callers, and batteries drained quickly.

But to be fair, it is tempting to try the iOS 11 sooner rather than later, as it comes with some pretty cool features, according to technology review site

If you decide to upgrade, just be aware that you essentially become a guinea pig for Apple while it tries to discover and fix bugs.

Since the software was released in September there have been at least half a dozen revisions and relaunches. And if the latest version is anything like its older brother iOS 10, then you can expect there will be quite a few more fixes on the way. The previous operating system had 11 upgrades before Apple was satisfied that it was bug-free.

The beta release of the latest Android operating system does not seem to have caused as much of a fuss. Currently being tested by intrepid users, the final version, Android 8.1 O (Oreo) is expected to rollout over the coming months.

When you do decide to update your device’s software, remember to first back up your data and photographs in case the worst happens and you end up with a frozen device that needs to be reset to factory settings. This process will wipe out your precious electronic possessions.

Have you downloaded new software onto your device lately? If so, did it immediately improve the operation of your device?

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