Apps to replace on your iPhone

Your iPhone comes with a number of default apps provided by Apple, including the Mail email app, the Weather app and Apple’s own Maps system. While you can probably get by using Apple’s defaults, there are many markedly better apps available from the App Store. These apps are faster, more intuitive and efficient. So which apps should you replace on your iPhone?


While the Apple Mail app makes it easy to read, delete and create emails, it is not the most responsive email app available and can take quite a while to load new emails. If you’re a Gmail user, you really can’t go past the Gmail App. It links seamlessly with your Gmail account, meaning that you can access emails on both your computer and your device, with the assurance that all data will be synched immediately.

For users of Outlook, including Hotmail, Microsoft’s own Outlook App is the way to go. It simplifies email management and comes with a built-in calendar. It also gives you swipe controls for easy and fast control of your inbox, allowing you to delete or schedule an email.

Download Gmail for free.

Download Outlook for free.


In September 2012, after a dispute with Google, Apple released its Maps service in tandem with iOS 6. Responses to the app weren’t pretty, with many reports flooding in about the inaccuracy of the service. While there have been improvements to Apple Maps, Google Maps still reigns supreme as the most detailed maps service. Features include GPS directions and adaptable night mode navigation, being able to save your favourite places for easy return and the option of ‘dropping a pin’ and the coordinates of your precise location to others via text message.

Download Google Maps for free.


Apple’s Weather app is actually quite good. It has a sleek design andprovides you with a simple 10-day forecast, including the options of adding whichever cities, postcodes and airport locations you like, however, it is very basic. If you’re after comprehensive weather information, Pocket Weather comes highly recommended. It’s also powered by the Bureau of Meteorology. Pocket Weather’s features include hour-by-hour forecasts, a ‘feels-like’ temperature, wind, rain and tide data and information about extreme weather warnings for each state. It also specifies what the weather is like in your exact location, so you know what to expect when you’re moving around town. Another great weather app that is worth a try is Willy Weather, which includes a seven-day forecast and data about rain, wind, moon, tide and UV.

Download Pocket Weather for $2.49.

Download Willy Weather for free.






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