Are mental health apps the new fix?

There is a wide range of mental health apps on the market that could help you through difficult times. Here are four that aim to deal with early signs of depression, anxiety and stress.

1. What’s Up

‘What’s up’ (not to be confused with WhatsApp) is an app that claims to use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) methods to help with signs of depression, anxiety or stress. And it has some fun elements: use the Get Grounded page, which contains 100 questions to keep you grounded and stave off encroaching stress.  Try the Thinking Patterns feature which can help you overcome negative feelings.

Free on iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

2. MindShift

MindShift, which also claims to use CBT methods, is designed to deal specifically with anxiety. By stressing the importance of making a healthy change, it’s aimed at people who hide their anxiety. The app also helps by developing the user’s knowledge about the symptoms of anxiety, how to recognise and overcome them.   ,.

Free on iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

3. Happify

Happify says it’s been developed by scientists and experts, and that the science of happiness is a ‘legitimate area of study’. Perhaps it is. The app contains a mood-training program, with mind-strengthening games and brain training techniques to overcome negativity.

Free on iOS (Apple) and Android.

4. Breathe2Relax

This app uses breathing techniques to help the highly anxious to relax. Keep calm and take a deep breath. Apparently, it was initially created for the military! The Breathe2Relax app trains you to breathe ‘through the belly’, a breathing technique that instils calmness and helps overcome stress.

Free on iOS (Apple).

Health disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.


Have you used any of these apps? How did you find them? Do you have any others that you can recommend?

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