Best under-seat travel bags

From the moment you leave your house to the moment you collect your checked in luggage, your carry-on bag is your personal sidekick and best friend. However, most carry-on luggage ends up being stowed above your head, meaning it’s not always easily accessible during your flight.

An under-seat bag may just be the answer to ideal storage, accessibility and onboard convenience.

The bag you choose to have by your side is nearly as important as what you pack in it. A normal, overhead carry-on bag may fit more in it, but an under-seat bag means you will have easy access to your belongings during a flight. It also means you won’t have to worry about not finding an available overhead space or fighting to get your belongings down as soon as the seatbelt light flicks off.

Please note that the area below airplane seats changes depending on the airline and plane model, so it’s important to check with your airline before you fly to see if your bag will fit under your seat.

The Delsey Sky Max Expandable 2-Wheel Carry-on
Made from lightweight and durable MicroBallistec material, interlocking zippers, ID tag, side water bottle pocket and an interior tie-down strap, the Delsey Sky Max under-seat suitcase expands for maximum storage.

W: 20 ¾”
D: 10”
H: 21”

Price: $109.99

Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Suitcase Under Seat Bag
This lightweight and compact bag rolls on wheels for convenience, has multiple interior and exterior compartments has a comfortable button press handle and a stylish exterior. 

W: 15”
D: 14”
H: 9”

Price: $74.99

Delsey Paris Rolling Tote
Made from durable polyester fabric, with multiple pockets, a convenient side pocket, a handy slip through band, a retractable top handle and dual top handles for easy lifting, the Delsey Paris Rolling Tote fits under most airline seats. 

W: 14.5”
D: 14”
H: 9”

Price: $64.99

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