How to clear your browser history

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Your web browser holds on to sensitive information when you access online banking, use social networking or make online purchases. To increase your privacy and keep your data secure, it’s recommended that you clear your browser history and cache on a regular occasion.

Follow the instructions below for your web browser of choice.

Internet Explorer
With your browser open, go to Tools > Safety, then click ‘Delete browsing history’.

Select the data you want to remove. It’s best to check the boxes next to ‘Browsing history’, ‘Cached images or temporary internet files’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Download history’, ‘Saved form data’ and ‘Saved passwords’.

Click ‘Delete’.

Microsoft Edge
Click on the three lines at the top right-hand corner of your browser. This is called the ‘Hub’.

Go to ‘History’.

Select ‘Clear all history’ > ‘Show more’. From here you can choose the data you want to remove.

Select the same data types as above.

Click ‘Clear’.

Google Chrome
Click the Chrome menu on the top right-hand side of your browser or go to Chrome in top menu, then click ‘Preferences’.

Go to ‘History’ and click ‘Clear browsing data’.

A menu will appear that gives you the option for how much history you want to delete, from ‘the last hour’ to ‘the beginning of time’. If you want to clear your entire history, click ‘the beginning of time’.

Here you can also check the data you want to clear. I recommend that you select ‘Browsing history’, ‘Download history’, ‘Cookies’, and ‘Cached images and files’.

Once you’ve selected what you want to delete, click ‘Clear browsing data’.

Go to the top menu and click ‘History’ > ‘Clear recent history’.

A menu will appear with options for the time range you wish to delete, as well as the type of data you wish to remove.

Check the boxes next to ‘Browsing & Download history’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Cache’ and ‘Active logins’.

Click ‘Clear Now’.

Click on ‘Safari’ at the top left-hand side of the browser.

Go to ‘Clear history and website data.

Select your desired time range to clear.

Click ‘Clear history’.

Quit Safari and once you reopen it, your cache will also be cleared.

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    Thanks for that – I use CleanUp! ever so often, does the same: wipes all traces.

  2. 0

    Do these processes actually remove the data (ie the browsing history) or does it simply make it inaccessible for most purposes but still available for someone with the appropriate software. I am sceptical that my browsing history is actually totally eliminated. Sorry!

    • 0

      Whenever I have to buy a new PC I destroy the hard drive before disposing of the remains. Eddy you are quite right, but then I do no financials on line. I use the phone and the post office for payments.

    • 0

      The data is just made inaccessible, the right software can still retrieve the data. You need another program to actually overwrite the “deleted” data.

  3. 0

    Does this not also remove passwords saved though? I use Apple IMac Pro, and Ipad and Iphone and don’t wish to lose the passwords linked with certain sites.

  4. 0

    i use ccleaner for this purpose, a small but powerful cache cleaning tool available on both windows and mac.

    thanks for the write up!

  5. 0

    It is such a good article and I would love to read more articles like these but I am busy as I have to write an essay for my college project but I had no idea how to write it and was getting frustrating when my friend suggested my visit I have never used any writing services before and would like to know how they work and are they safe before giving my requirements to them.



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