21st May 2018
Worst apps for draining your phone battery
Apps that drain your battery

One of the most common complaints from smartphone users is how fast they run out of juice. While poorly designed and clunky operating systems are partly to blame for this, there are certain apps that are also the worst culprits for draining the life from your battery.

With your Android phone, you can learn which apps are using the most power. Go to Settings > Device > Battery or Settings > Power > Battery Use and you’ll see a list of your installed apps and how much power they're using. If one of these apps is using a lot of power, and you’re not using it much, then consider uninstalling it.

On your iPhone, simply go to Settings > Battery and scroll down to Battery Usage.

While this will tell you how much battery is chewed up by the apps on your phone, there is a list of usual suspects that literally suck the life from your phone.

According to David Walke, CEO of goCharge mobile device charging kiosks, the top five battery drainers are:

1. Snapchat

2. Google Maps

3. Netflix

4. Facebook

5. Amazon

You should also watch out for Spotify, Facebook Messenger, Samsung WatchON, Samsung Video Editor, Clean Master, LINE and Microsoft Outlook.

And there are a host of other apps that hog phone traffic, meaning they use data even if you’re not using them at the time. Along with the ones already mentioned, the others include Instagram, Yahoo!, Firefox, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Chrome and Google Play.

So, sift through the apps you hardly use, uninstall them and you’ll never see that horrid red indicator saying your battery is close to dying.

Are you tired of your battery running out? Do you use any of these apps?



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    Yup I Know
    21st May 2018
    Your smart phone should have a control which stops Apps from running constantly. Which decade/century was the role model smartphone bought in?
    21st May 2018
    I no longer use the 'net after retirement but still the battery is a pain any ideas why please?
    21st May 2018
    If you use your phone just as a phone and avoid all this app crap, then there'll be no problem. Do all your computing on your computer, as I do.
    21st May 2018
    I do use my PC's - all 5 of them but something is draining the phone. Have to say it's a Samsung S3 (2013) and it's on its 4th battery, a proper Samsung so? Thank you for your advice
    Yup I Know
    22nd May 2018
    Your smartphone should have an auto-start program and you can deny any n all apps automatically from starting from the word go, that is when you turn on yr phone. Hope this helps

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