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Skype is a handy video and voice-calling service that allows users to call family and friends and have face-to-face conversations via the internet. It is free to download and use – all you need is the Skype software, a good internet connection and a webcam (inbuilt into your computer or as an attachment).

Download Skype:

PC download

Mac download

Note: You can use Skype on your smartphone – it will work over 3G and 4G internet connections. But be aware. It will chew through your data, so consider connecting to wifi first. 

Setting up

Once you’ve set up an account with your email address and password, you’re ready to add contacts. To do this, you’ll need your contacts’ email addresses or Skype names (just ask them) and then click ‘Add Contact’.  Skype allows you to add as many contacts as you wish. If you connect through your Facebook or Microsoft accounts, your contacts can be easily added all at once.  

Before calling

To chat to someone over Skype, it’s usually best to let them know beforehand that you’ll be calling, as otherwise, they might not be at the computer to answer. 

If you have a webcam built into your computer, it will turn on once the Skype software has opened. On both Mac and PC, a little light will turn on beside the webcam to let you know it is connected. If you’re using a webcam attachment, ensure it’s turned on and synced with Skype. 

Most laptops (and Mac desktops) have inbuilt speakers that will automatically connect, but most PC desktops will require an external microphone. If you have earphones with an inbuilt speaker, simply plug them into the headphone jack. 

Making a call

Select the person you wish to call by clicking their name in the left sidebar. Then, in the top right corner of the screen you will see a telephone icon beside a camera icon. Click the camera icon to make a video call. A dial tone should ring just like a regular telephone, and the person will be able to answer. When you see their face or hear their voice, you’re talking on Skype! 

You can use Skype to make calls to a landline or mobile number, but you will have to pay for this service by signing up for Skype Credit. 

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    Many people using Skype don’t realise that there are a number of paid subscriptions available. My Wife lived for many years in the US so has many friends and family there also in UK and all over Australia.
    I pay approx. $115 a year which allows her to make unlimited/untimed calls to Landlines in 50 countries and mobile calls to about 20 countries at no extra cost.
    Her Telstra bill used to average $300 a month, Now paying only landline rental and the odd call that can’t be made on Skype for example1300,1800 or emergency calls.
    Call quality is generally good the majority of the time.
    Dual Skype/landline phones are available for purchase which plug direct to the Modem do away with the need to have your computer turned on therefor connecting direct thru your adsl internet. Alternatively if you have a WIFI Modem and smart Mobile phone you can set up the same system by connecting your Mobile phone to the internet via the WIFI Modem.

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    Many thanks for this computer info. Really appreciated!

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    I too subscribe to Skype, I pay $67.49 for 12 months this gives me 600 minutes per month (10 hrs ) which equates to $5.62 per month, I can call any number any where any time with the exception of 1300 / 1800 numbs and mobiles, to me this is ideal as most of my family are STD and a lot of friends also, they don’t need a PC I just call their landline number

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    I like the Skype SMS in that I can type a message easily on my computer (much easier than using a mobile even though smart phones are now making it easier) send it and Skype uses my mobile number to send it so people can reply back to my mobile.

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    Today, communication is very important for us. For everything, we need good and easy way of communication. With Skype, we can communicate with a person from anywhere in the world. Both vocal as well as video communication is possible through Skype. This helps us to get new friends and for professional purposes as well. Today, Skype is a useful medium to grow up the business needs. For example, I have a website to provide FeeFreeTicket for sports and entertainment in United States. I use Skype, as an alternative way to contact with customers, which is very helpful to have a relationship with the customers. As keeping such a relationship, it will help us in future to improve our business to certain extent. I think, many businessmen have the same approach. Since it is a medium which makes communication easy, many people use the approach well.

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    Numerous individuals utilizing Skype don’t understand that there are various paid memberships accessible. My Wife lived for a long time in the US so has numerous loved ones there additionally in UK and all over Australia.

    I pay approx. $115 every year which permits her to make boundless/untimed calls to Landlines in 50 nations and versatile calls to around 20 nations at no additional expense.

    Her Telstra charge used to average $300 per month, Now paying just landline rental and the odd call that can’t be made on Skype for example1300,1800 or crisis calls.

    Call quality is commonly acceptable most of the time.

    Double Skype/landline telephones are accessible for buy which fitting direct to the Modem get rid of the need to have your PC turned on therefor associating direct through your adsl web. On the other hand on the off chance that you have a WIFI Modem and keen Mobile telephone you can set up a similar framework by associating your Mobile telephone to the web by means of the WIFI Modem.Dan NSW School Holidays

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