Top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Be more efficient on your computer with these 10 keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac.

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts

If you use a computer regularly, then you’re probably aware of keyboard shortcuts. But if you don’t, here is a quick run down.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly perform a function by pressing a combination of keys at the same time. There are hundreds of shortcuts across all the programs on your computer, such as these keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word, but here are the 20 which I use the most for both PC and Mac. They’re sure to save time.

To use any of the keyboard shortcuts below, simultaneously press the keys listed in bold.

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts for PC

  1. Shift+Arrow keys  Allows you to select multiple items, such as emails or documents. Alternatively, the Shift key can be used in combination with the mouse to select multiple items. To do this, click on the first item you wish to select, hold down Shift and then click on the last item.
  2. Ctrl+Mouse  Allows you to click on and select multiple items and move them – similar to the shift function above, but enables you to select non-consecutive items.
  3. Ctrl+A  Select All; highlights all of the text or items in a particular window.
  4. Ctrl+C  Copy; saves an item or a block of text to your clipboard, which can then be duplicated by the use of the Paste function.
  5. Ctrl+V  Paste; inserts any text or other item(s) that you have copied.
  6. Ctrl+X  Cut; works the same way as Copy, but deletes the object(s) that you’re copying. Remember that you can only have one item on your clipboard at a time.
  7. Ctrl+F  Find; allows you to search for a specific word or phrase in the document or webpage.
  8. Ctrl+Z  Undo; takes back the last action that you performed. This shortcut doesn’t work in every program, and sometimes there is a limit to how many times it can be used. But it’s always worth trying if you do something accidentally.
  9. Ctrl+Y  Redo; the exact opposite of the Undo shortcut above. It’s a handy shortcut if you have undone something accidentally.
  10. Ctrl+S  Save; saves the document as if you had gone to File and clicked Save.

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