Digitally clean your devices

These tips will keep your computer junk free and running fast, and best of all they don’t have to be performed very often.

Back up your smartphone photos

If your smartphone or tablet is your primary camera, you might want to look into a method of backing up the photos from time to time. This way you can delete the photos off your device (knowing they are safe elsewhere) and create room for more photos.

Backing up to a computer is a great way to do this, but you can also back up all of your photos to the internet for free. This means that anywhere you are in the world, if you have an internet connection, you can access your entire photo collection (just make sure you don’t lose that password). Have a look at this article for your best options for backing up your photos online for free.

Free up space on your device

Having a lot of stuff on your computer, smartphone or tablet is one of the most common reasons for a sluggish device. Just like us humans, your device needs some space to function properly. If you fill up your entire device with photos, videos, apps and other files, it’s going to struggle. Click on your device from the following list for a simple method for freeing up space on your device: iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac

Get some software to do the dirty work

No matter how vigilant you are, there is always going to be junk on your device, lots of it you won’t be able to find no matter how hard you try. CCleaner is your saviour when it gets this bad. Available for Windows, Mac and Android (unfortunately not iPhone or iPad at this stage) CCleaner will delete all of the invisible junk on your device and speed it up. It can also notify you when your device is getting a little cluttered and will offer to do the cleaning for you – nifty. Visit CCleaner’s website to learn more.

Get rid of those apps

I’m sure we’ve all got a dozen apps or programs that we don’t use anymore. If you want to make some room on your device, you can delete these old apps or programs and speed up your device. 

To delete an app on iPhone or iPad, tap on the app icon and hold down your finger until the apps begin to wiggle and then tap the little X that appears. 

On Android you can delete apps by navigating to Settings and then opening up Apps or the Application Manager. From here just tap the name of an app and you should be able to delete/uninstall it on the screen that opens up. 

To uninstall a program on Windows 7, click on the Start menu, then click Control Panel > Programs. Now select a program and click Uninstall. 

On Windows 10, click on the Start menu, then click Settings > System > Apps & features. Now select a program and click Uninstall. 

For help with Windows devices, visit Microsoft’s website.

How often do you clean up your digital devices? Do you find yourself running out of digital space? Let us know in the comments section below.

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