Five best websites to make friends

If your New Year’s resolution is to make new friends and become involved in your local community, these five websites are great for meeting new people and having fun, both online and in real life.

Whether you’re inviting travellers to stay in your house for free, or staying in the houses of others, couchsurfing is a fun and unique way to make friends. As well as companionship, some gracious visitors will give you a small gift or perhaps prepare you a meal from their native country as thanks for your accommodation, and many will be happy to return the favour if you are ever visiting their home country. All you need to get started is a spare room (or couch) and an account at

RSVP is more than just a dating website: you can look for friends using the service too. With over 1200 people signing up to the service each day, why not see if there’s anyone in your area looking for a new friend?

Social networks are a great place to talk online and make friends, and an even better place to reconnect with old friends. Have you got a Facebook account yet? Check out our quick-and-easy guide to getting started with Facebook. After you’re set up, why not dig up an old year book and see if any of your old school friends are online? Or search for some hobby or interest-based groups

Volunteer work
Have you considered helping out the local community with your spare time? It’s a great way to meet people while doing something worthwhile. You could try asking local charities or opportunity shops if they need any volunteers, or you can look online for opportunities to give back to the community.

The Meeting Place
Here, at YourLifeChoices, we have a community forum with a broad range of topics. All you need to do if you want to get involved in the conversation is make an account with our website. Whether you want to talk politics and news, or learn some new ways to keep your grandkids entertained, you can chat about it on the Meeting Place. meeting place

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