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Five things never to post online

Sharing may be caring, but not when it’s done online. People are becoming so used to posting every minute of their waking day on social media, that they may not fully understand the implications of doing so.

So, before you write your next online musing, consider these five things you should never post on social media.

Your full birthdate

Sure, everyone likes to receive birthday greetings from their Facebook friends but posting your full date of birth, or even alluding to a special birthday on a specific date could lead to scammers working out exactly when you were born.

You may not think this is a big deal, but when coupled together with the other personal information they can find out online, you really are giving them an invitation to steal your identity.

Check in

Who doesn’t love to let the world know where they are and what they’re doing? But by checking in to a location, you’re essentially telling any would-be burglar that you’re not home. Or maybe there’s someone you don’t want to bump into. Well, you may just have told your annoying friend/ex/family member exactly where you are.


Securing a ticket to see the hottest act or show in town may present a worthwhile bragging opportunity. Thanks to sophisticated digital printers, by posting the ticket online, it’s now easy for those less scrupulous to get a copy of the barcode and steal your seat. One poor woman who posted her winning ticket at the races soon discovered the perils of doing so. When she went to collect her winnings, someone had gotten there first – with a copy of the winning barcode taken from social media.

Phone number

It’s amazing how many people are happy to post their phone number on social media when chatting with friends. Sophisticated scanning technology can pick up phone numbers, and then you have no hope of keeping your number private. Similarly, email addresses – if you want to pass on this kind of personal information, do so in a private message.

Bad language

Seriously, if you can’t make a valid point without littering your post with profanities, then maybe you should think about giving up posting – for a while at least. The odd f-bomb now and again is just about acceptable, but remember the sharing aspect of many social media sites means that a vast audience, who may not find your tirade of bad language appropriate, can see your post.

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