Five ways to make your wifi faster

Don’t wait on hold for hours or buy a brand new router, these simple tips will help to make your home’s wifi internet faster without the hassle or cost.


Where you place your router will have a huge impact on the speed and reliability of your internet connection, especially if you have a large house or brick walls. Think about all the places you commonly use wifi, then try to find a location close to the middle of all these locations to place your router. Make sure it’s high off the ground, too. Some objects that will significantly block your wifi signal include fish tanks, mirrors, concrete and bricks – generally the more things between you and the wifi router, the slower it will be. Also, if your router has antennae, make sure they are pointed directly upwards.

Pretty much every electronic device will interfere with wifi signals; the worst offenders typically are cordless phones and microwaves. For the best results, try to avoid placing your router near these.

DIY extenders
With just a few household objects you can create a wifi signal extender. Watch this video to see how you can boost your wifi with just cardboard and tinfoil.

If you don’t have a wifi password, people in your neighbourhood can freely use your internet. Hopefully your neighbours wouldn’t ever do this, but just to be safe, you should add a password to your wireless network. The process for doing this will vary with each brand of router. So read the instruction manual and set up a password. If you can’t find the instruction manual, look on your router for the model number and then search for its manual on the internet.

Reboot it
Sometimes simply turning your router off for 10 seconds then turning it back on will do wonders for your internet connection. There are lots of small issues that can stop your router from functioning over time, and a quick reboot will fix plenty of them.

Do you know of any tips that make your wifi faster? Why not share them below?

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