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Turn your iPhone into a camera

This gadget turns your iPhone into a proper camera

Turn your iPhone into a camera

If you use your iPhone as a camera here’s the one gadget you need to ...

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  1. Four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks
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Top five gadgets of 2016

Top five gadgets of 2016

Top five gadgets of 2016

Here are five of the best gadgets for 2016. Do any entice you?

What is Apple TV?

remote control pointing at an apple tv box

What is Apple TV?

We explain Apple TV – the nifty media-streaming service in a box.

Awesome apps for forgetful people

Awesome apps for forgetful people

Awesome apps for forgetful people

These apps are ideal for anyone who has trouble remembering all life’s little things.

Tech to help you sleep better

attractive lady sleeping in a white bed in a white room

Tech to help you sleep better

These revolutionary gadgets can help you get a better night’s sleep.

eReaders & eBooks

How to get free ebooks daily

If you find yourself constantly running out of ebooks to read, this website may help.

Are you an ebook junkie?

Four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks

Anne Rady shares four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks in this week's video

Tech tips

How to download ebooks for free

Learn where to download tens of thousands of free classic ebooks.

Free books!


How to back up your iPhone and iPad

Don’t risk losing all your photos and information by not backing up your iPhone or iPad.

Quick video tutorial

Creating folders on iPhone and iPad

Is your phone beginning to become cluttered? Well, we can show you how to create folders on your iPhone or iPad and how to move applications into folders.

Find out more

App of the month March

Translate text by just taking a photo and check your emails on the go.

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Beginner's Guide to Facebook

There are many facets to Facebook which are fun, social and actually somewhat addictive. It is a very entertaining way to keep in contact with friends and family, and with this simple guide, YOURLifeChoices will show you how.

Free Downloads and Games

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Senior-friendly mobile phone

The mobile phone market is saturated with choice, but it can still be difficult to find a phone that is suitable for senior Australians.