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How the eSim will change travel

hand holding smartphone with esim technology

How the eSim will change travel

Finding safe and affordable data is a challenge all travellers face while abroad, but the ...

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Pack your gadgets like a pro

The gadget to hold all other gadgets

Pack your gadgets like a pro

The gadget to keep all others safe and organised is here.

Don’t use airport charging hubs

Never use airport charging hubs (without this)

Don’t use airport charging hubs

The dangers of using airport charging outlets that most travellers never consider.

The ultimate travel adaptor

Travel Gadget: The ultimate universal travel adaptor

The ultimate travel adaptor

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate travel adaptor, then look no further.

Budget friendly noise-cancelling headphones

Best budget noise-cancelling headphones for travellers

Budget friendly noise-cancelling headphones

Turn on and tune out with these affordable noise-cancelling headphones.

eReaders & eBooks

How to download ebooks for free

Learn where to download tens of thousands of free classic ebooks.

Free books!

Four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks

Anne Rady shares four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks in this week's video

Tech tips

How to get free ebooks daily

If you find yourself constantly running out of ebooks to read, this website may help.

Are you an ebook junkie?


Apple announces new iPads

This week, Apple quietly released its new iPad Air and iPad Mini into the market.

Tablet update

How to become an iPad pro

This super simple lesson will make you an iPad pro in under 30 minutes.

Pro tips and tricks

Creating folders on iPhone and iPad

Is your phone beginning to become cluttered?

Simplifying technology

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