How to make the technology in your home tidier

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Technology makes modern life easier in so many ways – but it can also be a real eyesore when it accumulates in the home.

Whether it’s a rat’s nest of tangled wires taking up space on your kitchen bench, or a work-from-home kit piling up in your living room, it doesn’t take long for tech to take over.

But there’s no need to unplug everything and commit to a life off-grid. Here are some step-by-step tips to get your home tech tidy.

1. Go through everything


Hands up if you’ve got a box full of random cables that you’re too scared to throw away, but you’re not exactly sure what they’re for? It makes no sense to hold onto gadgets or chargers that are no longer useful, so gather all of your essential devices together and spend a satisfying hour or two matching everything up.

Anything that doesn’t have an obvious use should be put in a separate pile to responsibly get rid of.

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2. Recycle the surplus
It goes without saying that old tech should never just be chucked in the general waste bin; electrical equipment often contains toxic substances, such as mercury, that impact both the environment and human health.

Ecycle Solutions provides the public and small businesses with free recycling drop-off points for TVs, computers, computer accessories, and printers.

Recycling company Zolo guarantees sustainable and secure recycling of your old business tech.

Also, stores such as Officeworks accept e-waste recycling, printer cartridge recycling, battery recycling, pen recycling and more. Find out which items your local Officeworks will accept here.

3. Get some cable kit
If the sight of tentacle-like wires sprouting from your plug sockets is bringing you down, it might be time to invest in some reusable gear ties that can be twisted and secured to keep cable lengths in a neat wrap.

Box cable organisers hide unsightly jumbles of cables on the floor so you can tuck away any mess.

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4. Stick it in a basket

You don’t need to spend loads of money to make sure your tech isn’t overwhelming you. Simply putting any work-from-home items, such as keyboards and laptops, into a designated box or basket that can be stored in a cupboard can help minimise mess and clutter.

A tray basket in the living room can also help you keep remote controls and iPads in one place, minimising the risk of family arguments over misplaced tech.

5. Cut a hole
If you’ve got an old piece of furniture that you aren’t precious over, such as a second-hand dining room table or desk, you could drill a circular grommet hole so you can run your cables through it.

Obviously, you’ll need a good level of DIY skills and some experience of safely using a drill and hole saw to give this one a go.

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6. Invest in charging furniture

In recent years, designers have responded to our tech organisation woes with furniture solutions that do away with the need for loads of charging cables.

For instance, IKEA recently launched a range of smart furniture that incorporates hidden charging pads for giving your smartphone some juice without you having to hunt around for your charger.

The range includes desk lamps and side tables, and there’s a neat little charging pad that accommodates up to three devices at once, doing away with the need for multiple trailing charger cables on your kitchen worktops.

Do you have old tech lying around your home? Has this given you the motivation you need to get rid of it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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