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One of the most overlooked features of the iPhone is also one of its handiest. The share button, or share sheet, can make sharing web content with your friends as easy as a tap and a swipe.

The share button is located at the bottom of the Safari browser screen on your iPhone or iPad. If you’ve come across some interesting content you want to share with someone, or even save for yourself for reading later, then you’ll fall in love with this feature.

And the best thing about it is that it’s so flexible. You can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other social media platforms. Or you can simply send a link as a text message, email or save it to Notes. Here’s how to do it.

When browsing in Safari, look for this little icon at the bottom of your screen.


Now, tap the icon and something called the ‘Share Sheet’ will appear.

You will see that you have plenty of options for sharing. Simply scroll across until you see the icon with which you want to send or save your web content. Some of the ways you can share include:

Share your chosen content with other AirDrop users close by. You can also share with Macs running Yosemite (OS 10.10).

Your link will automatically copy into a text message. All you have to do is choose the contact to whom you wish to send.

Same as the Message option, your link will appear in the body of an email, and all you need to do is enter an email address, or choose someone from your Contacts, then hit ‘Send’.

Your link will appear in a tweet that’s ready for your personal message before tweeting.

Again, the link will appear in a pre-made Facebook post; simply write your accompanying message and hit ‘Post’.

Select a board to which you’d like to pin, then scroll through the images on the web page you are viewing until you find the right one. Select and tap ‘PinIt’ and you’re done.

This is without a doubt my favourite iPhone app, so I’m sharing it with you because, well, this article is about sharing. Once you’ve downloaded Flipboard, tap its icon in the Share Sheet and choose a magazine in which to save your selected content. You can build huge stockpiles of information with the Share Sheet and Flipboard in magazines that you can share with friends or save for your own edification.

Add Bookmark
This will pop the URL of the page you are viewing into your browser’s bookmark folder so you can read it again later.

Add to Reading List
Adds a URL to your Reading List for later viewing.

Add to Home Screen
This is the one you should try with Simply tap ‘Add to Home Screen’ and an icon will be placed on your phone’s home screen so you can tap it and have instant access. Yay!

Subscribe in Shared Links
Tap this one and you’ll automatically receive any updates made to the page you save.

This will allow you to paste the link of the page you’re viewing to any app that enables pasting, such as Evernote, Notes or other note-making apps.

Don’t like reading on tiny screens? Then tap ‘Print’, select a printer and print it instead.


Any apps that can utilise the share function will appear when you tap ‘More’. Here you can also rearrange the order in which the share apps appear on the Share Sheet.

Once you’ve chosen your method of sharing, the Share Sheet will disappear and you can go on browsing.

The share button enables you to build an archive of online content for later reading, and is also very handy if you’re looking at a lot of information on the same subject. You can save it all and decide later which is the most appropriate for your needs. But most of all, sharing content is great for sharing common interests with friends and family, keeping you connected no matter the distance between you.

Why not share one of our pages with someone now? Let us know how you go in the comments below!

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