How to use medication tracking in iOS16

Apple has added a medication tracking feature in iOS16, the latest operating system for its iPhone and iPad range. Here’s how it works and how to use it.

Making sure you stick to your medication schedule is key to treating and managing your health. Now you can use your iPhone and iPad to help you keep track.

The feature is part of the Health app, which is one of the standard Apple apps automatically installed on your device.

You can now add any medications you are taking and input how often you should be taking it and when. You can then set reminder alarms to be sent to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

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“The Health app adds Medications, allowing users to conveniently build and manage a medications list, create schedules and reminders, and track their medications, vitamins, or supplements,” Apple says.

The Health app now also contains a database of medications that can inform users about any potential interactions between their medicines.

How to set up medication tracking

First of all, you’ll need to make sure your Apple device is running iOS16.

If you’re not sure which iOS version you’re on, the easiest way to check is to go to Settings, then select General, then Software Update and your device will automatically check for the latest update.

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Once you’re definitely running iOS16, open the Health app. Choose the Browse tab in the bottom right corner, then select Medications and then Add a Medication.

In here, you will be able to manually enter the details of your medication. American Apple users can simply scan the label of their medication rather than enter it manually, but the tech giant has not said whether this functionality will be available here in Australia.

What you’ve entered is then matched with medication in Apple’s database. If an exact match isn’t certain or found, the Health app will offer a list of possible matches. Select your medication from the list.

Once you’ve successfully added your medication, you will be prompted to set the time and frequency to take it. You can even set the colour and shape of the pills in case you have trouble remembering which medicines are which.

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You can also add any personal notes you’d like to go with your medication reminder. There is also the option of getting additional information on interactions between your medication and alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

Apple emphasises that although the medication tracking feature is useful, it can’t replace actual professional healthcare.

“It’s helpful to keep in mind that medication tracking, while useful, is only one tool in safely managing your medication schedule,” Apple says.

“Please consult with your doctor, pharmacist, family members, and any caregivers to create a plan that works best for you.”

Do you think this feature could help you? Have you updated your Apple device to iOS16? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Brad Lockyer
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