The reason more people are paying more for their NBN plans

Residential broadband customers continue to shift to higher-speed NBN plans.

Spike in high-speed NBN users

Residential broadband customers continue to shift to higher-speed NBN plans, with more than one third of all NBN services now on 50Mbps (megabits per second) plans, according to a report released on Monday by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The ACCC’s Wholesale Market Indicators Report also shows increased competition in the NBN market, with more providers joining the fray.

The number of 50Mbps services increased by 47 per cent over the June quarter and nearly 1.5 million customers are now on these high-speed plans, up from just 159,000 in December 2017. These plans now account for 35 per cent of all NBN residential broadband services.

The increase in the number of 50Mbps plans follows incentives provided under the NBN’s ‘Focus on 50’ promotion which includes wholesale discounts and credits to encourage Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to move their customers to 50Mbps plans.

The number of 25Mbps plans declined by 15 per cent in relation to the previous quarter while the number of 12Mbps services increased 5 per cent and 100Mbps services fell three per cent.

“A more than nine-fold increase in 50Mbps services so far this year shows that higher speed plans can be delivered if the incentives are right. We are pleased to see retailers responding to their customers’ needs,” ACCC chair Rod Sims said.

“It is good for competition that retail service providers with smaller market share like Vodafone and MyRepublic are connecting customers at a greater number of points of interconnect,” Mr Sims said.

Have you migrated your internet service to the NBN yet? What plan do you use? Does it deliver the performance that you expect?



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    14th Aug 2018
    From a government that said Australians don't need speeds higher than 25Mbps to most RSP REMOVING the 25/5 plans and moving them to 50/20 as suggested by NBN ( aka government ). Makes them look good that figures show Australians DO want faster speeds now but not paying more for it when they are removing 25/5. That makes scene to the say PAYING MORE!
    14th Aug 2018
    My son wanted and paid for higher speeds however the provider said it was not possible and lowered his payment plan and dropped the speed. Problem solved - for provider.
    14th Aug 2018
    Did you see the article on TV recently? A lady paid approximately $6000 to get the NBN to the home because it just wasn't working.
    She had about 6 houses between her and the node. She asked her neighbours if they wanted to share the cost and they refused.
    When the installation was finished the NBN installer then informed her that those 6 houses could now get cheaper installation costs because the fibre now passes directly passed their homes.
    Somehow that really seems very unfair.
    14th Aug 2018
    What a joke! My daughter has been without NBN for over a month and is still trying to get this fixed! It would appear no one gives a damn. Nothing happens when contacting the ombudsman and now she is contacting ACCC and local and federal members of parliament. This is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money and is also costing her much more to use her phone instead of the internet. No longer the "lucky country". We are now a third world country.

    14th Aug 2018
    All the knocker of LnP's NBN rollout have egg on their faces
    14th Aug 2018
    NBN is a rip off. I pay for internet have free calls and still pay a bundle of $99 per quarter, Cheapest plan around, Need the internet for the phone, Previous system was cheaper and worked just as well,

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