When will the NBN rollout start in your area?

Find out when the NBN will roll out in your area.

Very slow internet when will you get the nbn

Tired of enduring slow internet speeds? Australia’s open-access data grid, the National Broadband Network (NBN), has been gradually rolling out over the last few years. However, Australians itching to get their hands on super-fast internet still have a while to wait.

The NBN isn’t scheduled for completion until 2020 and only some pockets of the nation have been connected.

The project has been a source of controversy since 2013, when it was the subject of much political and industry debate. Australia is currently ranked 48th in a 2016 global average broadband connect speed ranking list published by Akamai Technologies. South Korea, Norway and Sweden hold the respective top three spots.

So when will your house get the NBN? It’s difficult to say but thanks to this interactive map, you can see where rollout for the NBN has commenced or been completed.

Major regions already connected to the NBN include:

  • New South Wales – Blacktown, Gosford, Dubbo and Wollongong
  • Queensland – Ipswich, Mackay and Townsville
  • Victoria – Ballarat, Melton and Footscray
  • South Australia – Port Augusta, Aldinga and Macclesfield
  • Western Australia – Geraldton, South Perth and Margaret River
  • Tasmania – Hobart, South Launceston and Glenorchy
  • Northern Territory – Darwin

Areas where installation of the NBN is currently underway:

  • New South Wales – Tumut, Gundagai and Kangy Angy
  • Queensland – Qunaba, Kilcoy and Torrington
  • Victoria – Drouin, Cororooke and Raywood
  • South Australia – Balaklava, Curramulka and Inman Valley
  • Western Australia – Korijekup, Wandering and  Lake Clifton
  • Tasmania – Mangalore, Oatlands and Sheffield
  • Northern Territory – Alice Springs

Check out this list to see if your internet service provider is already offering plans on the NBN network.



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    21st Jul 2016
    Mr 'Jobs and Growth and Innovation' didn't have a clue. Maybe 'Mr. Fixit' should have got the portfolio. Ha Ha Ha!
    21st Jul 2016
    Jobs - where? Labour force building roads, more skyscrapers, transport? - But, Pacific Islanders, people from Africa and Middle East are taking up these jobs including major supermarket stores -So what jobs are there for white people?

    -Growth? Where? Ah, I see, the politicians bank accounts and private investments. What about the rest of us? Where is the Growth? Ah, yes. I see, the growth of the Muslim population in Australia.

    Innovation? - The government couldn't innovate itself out a wet paper bag let alone run a chook raffle. Was the Double Disolution an innovation for the government? They lost 13 seats - and don't have control in the Senate. Now that is innovation for you !!!!
    21st Jul 2016
    NBN Roll-out ? We cannot even get phone reception west of Childers near Coulstoun Lakes. Landline has been completely out for three weeks, and has been an ongoing problem for the last 25 years, with open lines and loud background noises occurring at very regular intervals.

    Complaints to Telstra have generally brought a temporary fix, for short periods of time.

    A few years back when I investigated the route of the phone-line, I found it draped over a neigbor`s barbed wire front fence.

    This time we have placed it in the hands of Ombudsman, whose department suggested that we contact them again if the problem has NOT been resolved by the end of July ( they didn`t say which year!)

    Mobile phones are simply a waste of time and money as we are in a recognized blackspot, and reception is only possible on a clear day , when standing on the water tank, with one wet finger in the ear. Even then it will drop out when most needed.

    We did have an expensive CDMA mobile phone, which operated perfectly until our "ever
    -caring" Federal Government decided that CDMA was too efficient and had to be replaced with something more capital-raising and trackable.

    In the 25 years that we have resided here, ....all we have heard is "Well, you choose to live where you live!....so suck it up or move into the city!"

    We usually reply by stating that we cannot ALL live in the city, for various reasons, which usually falls on deaf ears!

    This is why PRIVATIZATION is a no,no! Once the privateers get hold of a Public Utility you can kiss it goodbye, as everything associated with it will be too expensive to use, or simply too inefficient.

    Remember the 50`s when nearly every street corner had a telephone box, and phone calls cost sixpence or 5 cents a call?
    21st Jul 2016
    SATELLITE, offers mobile service ( not cheap but they will save you in an emergency. Take note of police 4x4's, they have sat phones fitted ) and NBN which you can have your landline sent though with internet. These things have been around for a long time ( NBN satellite new but others offered satellite services with Gov. subsidies before http://www.budget.gov.au/2005-06/ministerial/html/dotars-17.htm ). More needs to be done to help inform people of what's on offer outside metro areas.
    21st Jul 2016
    I suppose by the time they get around to my area I will be deceased. So really, I don't give a damn about NBN. The Pre-Paid Internet works well for me, even if its bit more expensive.

    21st Jul 2016
    NBN rollout - another totally sick government joke! Talkbull dropped the ball BIGTIME with this one just like he's going the job as a PM (post mortem)!
    21st Jul 2016
    The whole NBN issue has been relegated to the "too hard" box. They are other issues which are more important like letting foreign workers into the country without visas or background checks, trying to hide the fumbled Muslim terrorist issues, inventing more "acceptable" ways of grabbing retired peoples' nest eggs to pay for failed government fiscal policies, etc, etc.
    21st Jul 2016
    the FTTN ( NODE) box has been opposite my house for almost a year,but does not work for our street even though we are shown to have it on the NBN website ,great work Mal our PM
    22nd Jul 2016
    I live on a property and we have had NBN wireless for over a year now. Our old ADSL was so slow so I asked when NBN would be available about 18 months ago and was told it was years away so I didn't believe them when they said it was available a few weeks later. My NBN wireless run at speeds up to 50 mbps mostly in the 20 mbps level which is more than adequate for our needs. I can now upload files that took hours in minutes now.
    22nd Jul 2016
    We were supposed to have the NBN rolled out in our area in Feb 2013 - it got dropped when Abbott won, because we were a supposed safe Lib seat (Mayo, look how that turned out for them!). They are working on it again now, and we have to re-boot our modem every day because they obviously are mucking about with the cabling. Maybe it's just a scheme to get us so annoyed with the ADSL service we will pay the small fortune to get the NBN installed into our home. Ain't going to happen, Mal.
    22nd Jul 2016
    The NBN system has ruined the great Australian phone system that had hours of power backup in emergency situations.
    Now we have thousands of "NODES" without power backup and "MOBILE TOWERS" without power backup. Way to go Malcolm.
    The NBN line is also unable (apparently by design) to handle wired to phone house alarm systems and the like that have worked perfectly for 50 years.
    24th Jul 2016
    I have been able to get NBN for almost a month now but have chosen to wait and see what trouble others around me have -- as I have heard some horror stories -- Mr Broadband -- has really STUFFED it what a usless pack of creeps they have turned out to be
    Poppa Bear
    25th Jul 2016
    Hey Cuphandle, you were certainly ripped off in the fifties, I made phone calls in the sixties and paid threepence and fourpence. I do agree that privatisation of so many utilities has resulted in poor service and heftier costs. Then again, state governments with a strangle hold on electricity really know how to rip off the public.

    1st Aug 2016
    The Libs NBN is a total JOKE.... fast internet... you're kidding, yes.... not going to happen with the Libs NBN.

    The Americans don't even regard it as a NBN because it is that slow.

    It cost three times that of Labor/Nationals NBN.

    It canNOT be upgraded.

    It is being pulled out of most other countries as the technology is about 10 years too old.

    IF you are one of the lucky ones and you are near an ugly NODE, then your speeds will increase.

    IF there is a huge number of flats, apartments, units, businesses, schools on your NODE before it gets to you.... good luck with your constant drop outs and speed drains!

    IF you are a long way away from an ugly NODE, then you will probably have continuous problems with drop out and slow speeds to which the NBN Co will NOT bother to even consider coming to fix anything ...... because they can't..... even if you are paying a high premium for higher speeds.

    IF you are outside the ugly NODE parameter about 400metres max. you will have to pay for your own satellite system, as the old ADSL2+ will be no longer available as soon as they lay the 'crap' NBN system.

    The above must have been written by NBN Co because Australia has slipped to 60 behind other countries.... some of those countries are 3rd world countries.

    Abbott tried to sell the Libs NBN overseas and got laughed at with not one taker.... how bloody embarrassing.

    The Libs NBN belongs in the dark ages and the implementations is in total shambles.

    Your only hope is that they stop doing anything at all... put the money away and when the opposition get into power, they can continue with the BEST NBN in the world for 1/3rd of the price.

    The Libs NBN will put Australia 20 years behind other countries, instead of 20 years ahead... so much for Australia's future in innovation and technology.

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