Is your internet connection at risk?

It’s been dogged by problems but now that the switch over to the NBN is in full swing, thousands of Australian households are at risk of losing their phone and internet connection.

Once available in an area, residents and businesses must make the switch within 18 months or risk being disconnected. Despite being notified by the NBN Co. and having telcos, such as Telstra and TPG notify them of offers on plans, many consumers are failing to take action, leaving them in communication limbo.

The NBN Co estimates that of the 900,000 premises that have had access to the NBN for 18 months, only five per cent have failed to migrate – that is 45,000 households and businesses that have lost connection.

It is worth noting that not all premises will require a connection and therefore the 45,000 may not be disadvantaged by not making the switch. The NBN expects a take up rate of 73–75 per cent by the end of the rollout.

By December 2016, only 44 per cent of premises in areas where the NBN was available had made the switch, preferring instead to rely on connecting via copper and cable services. It’s expected by mid-2017 that 50 per cent of the 11.9 million premises that will have access to the NBN will be able make the switch.  

So, even if the date on which NBN will be available in your area is still some months away, it’s important to take action before the 18-month switching window comes to an end.

To find out when your home will get the NBN, you can use the NBN Co’s Check Your Address tool.

Have you made the switch to the NBN?


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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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