Lifesaving gadgets of the future

Every day, new technology takes the world by storm, but how much of it actually has a practical application to daily life? While many tech products may be miles off from reality, or finically out of reach, these four gadgets could soon be making your life a lot easier.

Tracking devices

The surge of GPS activity trackers has made it possible to keep tabs on dementia sufferers a whole lot easier, and the crossover between sport and safety seems set to continue.

You can now buy shoe insoles that will track a person’s activity and whereabouts, and the technology used in smart clothing for athletes is being tested to monitor a person’s health. The imbedded sensors in such clothing could be used to monitor heart rate, breathing and muscle use, setting off an alarm if the wearer has a heart attack or doesn’t move for a set period of time.

Sensitive socks

Swollen feet and edema are often signs that something is amiss with your health, so using these ingenious socks is a smart idea as they send an alert via an app when swelling is detected.

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Stabilising shoes

While no company has taken on the manufacture of such technology as yet, researchers have determined that vibration via show insoles can improve balance and reduce the likelihood of falls by up to 70 per cent.

CPR administering shirts

Using the same technology as the smart clothing for athletes, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is trying to create a shirt that will be able to administer CPR, once a heart attack has been detected. The practical application, however, is considered to be a while away. 

What is the most useful piece of technology you’ve come across? Would you be happy to use any of the items above?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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