Make a movie on your smartphone

YourLifeChoices member Diane wants to know how she can turn all the travel videos on her iPhone into a movie. It’s easier than you might think.

Q. Diane
I have dozens of videos from a recent trip I took, and I want to put them together into a movie to show to my friends and family. They’re all on my iPhone at the moment but I am about to transfer them to my computer.

This sounds like a great idea, and there are plenty of ways to do this, but here’s the easiest one, so you can get straight into it.

While you can definitely transfer the films on to your computer and edit them there, you might be better off leaving them on your iPhone. Or, if you have an iPad or Mac, you might want to make your movie on one of these devices as they have larger screens that will be easier on your eyes.

The easiest way to edit this movie on an Apple device will be to use the iMovie app. You can download it free from Apple (click to download for iPhone, iPad or Mac). iMovie allows you to edit movies, add music or voiceover and plenty more. When you’re done, you can upload straight to Facebook or share using messages.

It is easy to use and if you get stuck at all, Apple’s support page will help you out, whatever your problem is.

For the Android readers out there, FilmoraGo is a fantastic app to use. It offers nearly all of the features of iMovie and is free to download (although some premium features may come with a small price tag).

Have you made your first movie yet?

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