Nokia’s ‘new’ $70 phone

Among its more technologically advanced competition, Nokia’s newest phone harks back to the analog era. So, when can you expect Nokia’s new affordable 3310 in Australia?

Recently unveiled at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Nokia has updated their iconic 3310 and is re-releasing it with (slightly) new features.

The original phone was released in 2000 and sold 126 million units before it was discontinued in 2005. The phone is remembered fondly for its long battery life and near indestructability, something severely lacking in modern smartphones.

While the 3310 has been updated for the modern age, Nokia has held back to ensure that the device maintains the features that made it so popular initially (yes, this includes Snake).


  • Physical buttons and iconic design
  • 2 MP camera with LED flash
  • 3.5mm headphone port
  • 2.4” curved colour screen with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight
  • available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants
  • standby battery life of up to one month with up to 22 hours talk time
  • FM radio and MP3 player for music
  • 16 MB storage plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB
  • 2G connectivity for calling and texting.


Unfortunately the last dot point is a bit of a problem for us in Australia. Our 2G network is in the process of being shut down, following the advancements and widespread adoption of 3G and 4G networks. This means that if Nokia want to launch the 3310 here, they will likely need to make a modified version for the 3G network. Nokia hasn’t commented on this yet.

The phone is launching in Europe in the coming months and will retail for €49, the equivalent of $68.20 in Australia.

Do you have fond memories of a Nokia ‘brick’ phone? Will you purchase a new one if they are released in Australia?

See more at Nokia.

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