Are you committing these battery-charging mistakes?

You may be killing your phone by committing these battery-charging mistakes.

There’s a fine line between being battery savvy and silly, so are you killing your smartphone by committing these battery-charging mistakes?

You don’t have to charge to 100 per cent
Believe it or not, maintaining full charge is not the best way to keep your battery strong. Tech experts say you should keep your phone hovering between 30 and 80 per cent, as that’s where it runs most efficiently.

Stop charging overnight
Experts also say it’s best to charge your phone in short bursts rather than having it connected to power overnight.

Don’t let it get too low
Every time your phone discharges completely, it degrades your battery ever so slightly. Even so, there is a prevalent opinion that you should let it run out of battery once every month or two, because it recalibrates your battery meter.

Stop overheating your battery
You may have noticed that your phone is a bit slow after leaving it on the dashboard of your car or out in the sun for too long. Smartphone batteries don’t like the heat. In fact, optimal operating conditions for an iPhone are between 0°C and 35°C, so keep your battery cool and it will live longer.

Remove your phone cover when you charge
Your phone cover may cause your smartphone to overheat, so help out your battery by taking off the cover when your phone is on charge.

Ensure that you use the correct charger
Your genuine phone charger is designed to cut off the power when your battery hits 100 per cent, whereas less-expensive, third-party chargers don’t usually have this feature. Some third-party chargers are death traps, not just for your phone but for you too. So, do yourself and your phone a favour and stick to the genuine article.

Do you panic when your battery runs out of juice? Do you have any phone-charging tips for our members?



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    1st Mar 2017
    Strange tips. Once the battery flags 30-80% it is going to flat in no time and it won't last the day at work. Also it's not reasonable to charge the battery on the run hence the need to charge overnight. Are you saying don't leave it on charge?
    I think it's the battery that has the issues not the user.
    1st Mar 2017
    This advice contradicts everything I've been told over many years. Wouldn't it be just too wonderful if 'the experts' could just agree on something for a change?
    1st Mar 2017
    I agree, there's too much opinion and not enough expertise
    2nd Mar 2017
    Advances in battery technology mean changes to what was once true.
    Only a few years ago battery's had to be fully charged or they developed a "memory" which reduced their capacity. This is no longer the case.
    2nd Mar 2017
    Advances in battery technology mean changes to what was once true.
    Only a few years ago battery's had to be fully charged or they developed a "memory" which reduced their capacity. This is no longer the case.

    1st Mar 2017
    I have been charging overnight with the phone cover for years and no problems. The phone insurance should be paying for phone manufacture faults.
    1st Mar 2017
    I charge mine first thing every morning.
    1st Mar 2017
    A good way to charge your phone quickly is to put it on Flight mode, it does it in half the time. It also saves your battery to put in Flight mode overnight, when you aren't expecting calls. And leaving your charger plugged into a power point is VERY dangerous check out
    house Fire sites. Don't make calls while charging either, has been a safety hazard, causing death. Or use a battery USB charger.
    1st Mar 2017
    Turn off your mobile data. I did this, and as well as saving the charge, the cost has decreased by about 85%.
    17th Sep 2018
    Its nearly 2020 and seriously battery technology absolutely needs a massive paradigm shift....Charge in seconds and discharge slowly....I guarantee if this occurred say in the auto industry, the internal combustion engine will be dead within come on battery engineers, put down your lattes and get on with it!
    9th Jun 2020
    You can buy hand operates emergency chargers. It's a small hand held box (about 5 cm cube) light weight, with a rotating handle, if you battery is dead, just plug the hand operated charger into your phone (same size/shape plug as any charger) and turn the rotating handle and it produces enough current to make/receive calls. And the item is not expensive. Saw it on Banggood shopping site, about AUD6.

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